Behind the Scenes: Works with Iris Devices

Your Iris system is a unique collection of devices that help you maintain and enhance that special place you call home. A large variety of products work with Iris, including smart plugs, outlets, lights and switches, thermostats, locks, motion sensors and so much more. As you expand your Iris family, you might wonder, “How does the Iris by Lowe’s team make sure everything works cohesively together?”



Certified Works with Iris Devices

There are over 130 “Works with Iris” devices from dozens of manufacturers. We work with manufacturers and heavily test devices before they receive the coveted “Works with Iris” label. During testing, we make sure all devices properly pair and work with the Iris system. We then make sure that the mobile app and web portal are updated accordingly. This includes programming the mobile apps and website with details such as new pictures, updated instructions for the new device, and software support to make sure the new device operates properly in Iris.


A test rig built by the Iris team.



Testing New Iris Devices

The Iris team puts new devices to the test to make sure each one works in a real-world environment. We install equipment, such as in-wall switches and outlets, in special “test rigs” to test environments just like your home.

For example, when Iris added support for water flow rates for the Whirlpool water softener, the testing team built a custom hose attachment that could pump water at various levels. The Iris team even has an entire simulated house with over 200 Iris compatible devices to test how everything gets along and operates together.

Once device hardware is put to the test, software is tested next. Both during and after the Iris team completes their development work, an extensive series of software tests are repeatedly run to make sure everything works correctly. The team doesn’t simply run automated tests, but manually tests features in order to simulate real-world use. Yes, the Iris engineers will toggle light switches just like you do at home!

We’re not just testing obvious ways something might not work; a lot of the testing involves imagining interesting and off-beat scenarios to test against various cases that a user might encounter.


Iris Device Compatibility 

Once Iris grants a device with the “Works with Iris” certification, the work doesn’t stop there. The team then goes back to verify that a new feature or device gets along with other Iris devices and the system as a whole. This testing, called “regression testing,” is done for every Iris update. The Iris team will run the mobile apps on different phones and under different scenarios to try to shake out any remaining bugs. We’ll also test the web portal on many browsers to ensure it runs smoothly on your favorite web browser and system. In addition, Iris constantly looks for ways to improve existing compatible devices.


Learn More About Iris

You want your Iris system to work well in your home. Our extensive testing makes sure it does before it gets our label of support. Are there any other “behind the scenes” features of Iris you are curious about? Let us know in the Iris Community forum and learn more about Iris by visiting