You Spoke, We Listened. The First Wave of the Iris Web Portal is Here.

Iris Introduces the First Wave of the Web Portal 

Iris is excited to announce that the first wave of our Web Portal is here, and this is just the beginning. You can expect even more web enhancements throughout 2017. Here is what you can expect from the first wave:

  • Create, Edit & Schedule Rules
  • Create, Edit & Schedule Scenes
  • View History
  • Manage your Profile & Billing information


These features are included in the first wave of the Iris Web Portal because they are the top features requested by our customers based on an Iris customer survey. As new features become available, we will continue to make announcements, so please be on the look-out for additional features rolling out through 2017.

During this introduction phase, any unsupported devices or dashboard cards in the web Portal will have a beta tag which is shown as an “i”. This beta tag means that these features are currently being worked on.

To access the Iris Web Portal and log in, visit and log in using your existing Iris account log in.

For more information on lights & switches in the Web Portal or how to set up Rules or Scenes, visit our support page at  To get a glimpse of the new dashboard and features, watch our quick overview video here :

For the most up-to-date information on our progress with the Iris Web Portal and other platform related news, or to leave your feedback, please join or visit our Iris community page at