Life made easier with Iris and the Google Assistant

Earlier this spring, we announced our integration with the Google Assistant to make managing your home through Iris even easier. Now, we’re excited to introduce two new ways to control your Iris smart home with voice commands through Google Home.


What you can do with Iris and Google Home

Available today, Iris users can utilize the Google Assistant to activate scenes and manage temperature through thermostats*.

To adjust the temperature in your home, simply say, “Okay Google, turn the living room thermostat up three degrees.”

You can also check on the temperature of your home by asking, “Hey Google, what’s the temperature inside?”

iris wifi smart switch use case kettle boiling coffee kitchen

Make mornings or bedtime easier by activating scenes through voice commands. To turn on the lights and start boiling water for tea or coffee, say, “Okay Google, activate my morning.”


Activating the new Google Home capabilities with Iris

If you are an Iris user who is already using the Google Assistant to control lights and switches with Iris, you may need to unlink your current Google Assistant account with Iris and reconnect it once more.

Instructions on how to connect and use the Google Assistant with Iris will vary between iOS and Android users, so refer to our support article for official instruction.


What’s next?

Stay tuned for additional ways to control your Iris smart home through smart speakers and voice commands. Give us your feedback on what features you’d like to see next by submitting your ideas and voting for your favorites in our community.



*Nest & Honeywell TCC thermostats connected to Iris will not respond when you request a thermostat command from your Google Assistant at this time.