5 Home Automation Lessons for Back-to-School

If you work during the day, chances are your kids come home from school to an empty house. With a home automation system, you can rest easy knowing exactly what they’re up to during those afternoon hours. Once your kids know how to use the system, it will add a layer of security for them, and give you peace of mind.


1. Smart Fobs Let Them in the House Fast

The days of your kids setting off the alarm system every time they get home are long gone. Clip a Smart Fob to your child’s backpack and let it do all the work. When they get close to home, the fob automatically turns your alarm system off making getting inside problem-free. When the fob leaves the house, the alarm turns right back on. All you have to do is teach your kids to take it along when they come or go. Another perk? You can program it to send you a text or email when someone gets home and when they leave. You’ll not only know when your child is safe inside, but you’ll also know if they sneak off to the soccer field instead of doing their homework. 


2. Smart Locks Help You Rest Easy

No more hassle when your kids lose their keys while you’re trapped at the office. These deadbolt locks have access code keypads. You can program up to 30 different entrance codes, so all your family members and guests can have their own. You can also lock and unlock the door remotely from anywhere in the world, which comes in handy if the kids forget their codes (because let’s face it, they will), or if you have to let the plumber in while you’re at work.


3. Security Cameras Keep You in the Loop

Now it’s easy to keep an eye on the kids when you’re at work. With wireless cameras, you can see what’s going on inside and outside your house at all times: Are they doing their homework? Do they have friends over without permission? Best of all, your kids will know Mom and Dad are watching. They’ll be on their best behavior, and you’ll feel good knowing they’re safe. Win-win!


4. Contact Sensors Put You in Control

Just because you’re not there doesn’t mean your kids can bend the rules. Contact sensors can tell you if windows and doors are being opened, but did you know you can also put them on the entertainment center, your laptop or anything else you don’t want the kids getting into when you’re not there?


5. Smart Plugs Let There Be Light… And More

Smart plugs in electrical outlets let you turn on lights and appliances remotely, but they do a lot more than that. Do your kids have a “one hour of TV after school” rule? With a smart plug, you can keep an eye on how long the TV is on. And much to the chagrin of kids nationwide, you can program it to turn the TV off after their hour is up.

All of these features work together in a connected system to keep your family safe at all times — even when you can’t be there. Let your home automation system do the worrying for you.