Smart Home Gadgets to Take to College

Back-to-school season is upon us and it’s time to move your college student into their new temporary home.

Unpacking and settling your child in for a new school year can be an exciting and bittersweet event. Especially if this is the year they are living off-campus in an apartment or house. Luckily, there are affordable smart home gadgets you can set up for your student to ensure they have a safe and fun year at school.

See our picks for the best back-to-school gadgets to enhance your child’s apartment or home.


1. Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Is your child guilty of leaving a hot plate or flat iron on when leaving the house? Send your child back to school with an Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch so they can manage electronics and appliances from anywhere using the Iris app. The Wi-Fi Smart Switch also acts as the perfect companion to a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa smart speaker and can be activated to turn off lights or devices using voice commands.


2. Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers powered by Alexa or the Google Assistant can do more than help your child with homework questions or order late night pizza. They can also help your student stay organized with calendar integration and reminders to keep them a step ahead of their schedule. Your child will win the ‘Roommate of the Year’ award when they come back to school with this handy household assistant.



3. Iris Security Pack

If this is the year your child is living off-campus, you have probably given thought to how safe their new place will be. For peace of mind in a new or unfamiliar neighborhood, send your child back to school with a DIY security system they can pack up and take back home at the end of the school year – no hard wiring required. The Iris Security Pack is easy to install and includes contact sensors for doors or windows, a motion sensor and a key pad. This customizable system allows your child to not only secure their entire house, but also use a contact sensor on their door to monitor when someone enters their bedroom using the Iris app. Your student will never have to question whether their roommate borrowed their clothes.

For added security, you can back their Iris security system with Professional Monitoring for 24/7 emergency dispatch for burglary, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

4. Connected Lighting

Decorating a modern college apartment or bedroom just got easier with smart lighting. Your student can personalize their space with tape lights that can change color from anywhere using the Iris app. With an Iris Smart Hub and a smart plug, students can also schedule their lights to illuminate each morning to make sure they don’t miss their first class of the day.


With smart home devices for home management and security, you can enhance your child’s school year and help establish a safe home away from home. Explore the many DIY smart home possibilities for both your child’s and your home at