Home Automation: A Whole Family Experience

Home automation can make everyone’s life a little easier, from Mom and Dad to the kids and Fido. Here’s an inside peek at how a typical family can get the most out of their smart house.

On a weekday, Dad’s garage door controller comes in handy when the next-door neighbor wants to borrow the snow blower or some tools. With the touch of a button on his smartphone, Dad can grant the neighbor easy access to the garage while keeping it secure. He also loves the savings he sees on the electric bill because of the programmable water heater, which heats water in time for showers and laundry, but shuts off while everyone’s gone during the day, and at night when the family is sleeping.

Mom loves the smart thermostat, which keeps her family comfortable year-round. She also appreciates that lights and music each turn on automatically inside the house when she pulls into the driveway, welcoming her home after a long day at the office.

Getting up in the morning has always been a struggle for the kids, but with home automation, the bedroom lights turn on automatically when it’s time to rise and shine, making it easier to tackle the day. The kids also love the key fob and keypad entry on the front door. It lets them come and go after school with a great sense of independence — no forgetting or losing keys — while also giving their parents the peace of mind of knowing what they’re doing. The security cameras inside and outside the house give Mom and Dad enough comfort to let the kids stay home alone.

When grandparents visit, motion sensors and lights illuminate the hallways at night so they can safely find the bathroom (or the kitchen for a midnight snack!).

Even the dog is getting a ton out of home automation. He’s got a smart pet door that opens automatically via a fob on his collar, so there’s no more waiting to be let out, or back in. He can go into the yard during the day while his family is at school and work.

It’s just a typical day in an Iris household, where home automation makes everyday life a bit easier.