How Iris Grows with You

If you’re young and single, married with kids or living in a newly empty nest, your smart home can make every day easier. Here are just a few ways you can manage your home with Iris throughout your life.

Renting a Small Space

Perhaps you’re in your first apartment with a roommate or living on your own. Iris can help keep you and your stuff safe. Contact sensors on your windows let you know if they’ve been opened. Put one on your bedroom door, and you’ll be notified if your roommate is going into your room when you’re not home. Want to impress guests? A motion sensor paired with smart plugs can turn on the lights and a stereo when you walk in. And the smart security alarm keypad can give you an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


Growing the Humble Abode

You’re living in a single-family home with your growing household. Iris can help make your life easier in many ways, and protect the kids, too. When your children are old enough to come and go on their own, smart door locks and key fobs let them into the house. Once they’re inside, indoor cameras let you see what they’re up to. The cameras also come in handy if you want to check on the babysitter while you’re out for date night. Other big safety enhancers are motion sensors and outdoor lighting. When the sensors are triggered, the lights illuminate your yard to provide a safe path to your door. You can also use smart plugs to turn on your lights, music and even your oven just before you get home to ease your family’s evening ritual. Open your garage door remotely for the lawn guy when you’re not home, or to let in visitors who arrive before you get there. And program your water heater to power down when you’re not home and at night, and heat up before everyone showers in the morning, saving energy and money. Ditto with your thermostat—the temp inside the house can lower at night and when you’re not home and go back up before you wake up in the morning and just before you get home after work.


Empty Nesting

Since the kids have grown up and moved on, you may have downsized to a townhome or apartment. For comfort and safely, use motion sensors in your hallways, kitchen and bathroom to trigger indoor lighting. Those rooms will light up when you enter them, which will be particularly helpful at night. Meanwhile, Keen vents regulate the temperature in each room. You can keep your bedroom, living room and kitchen warm and leave the temp low in other rooms you don’t use as often. If you’re a snowbird and go south for the winter, never worry about frozen pipes bursting in your home with Iris’ leak detector and smart water shut-off valve. And if you’re concerned about intruders while you’re away, use smart plugs to program your lights to go on when the sun goes down and shut off around bedtime, just as though you were home.

Whether you’re living on your own for the first time, raising kids in a busy house or settling down in your golden years, Iris and its features help you enjoy everything about your home.