4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Security System

The stats on residential break-ins are pretty scary. According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 20 seconds in the United States. A robbery or home invasion happens every nine minutes. Want to protect your family and possessions? Make sure your outdoor security system is up to the job.

Home automation can maximize your security to help keep the bad guys out.


outdoor camera smart home security

1. Outdoor Cameras

When it comes to cameras, there’s strength in numbers. Put several around your house anywhere else you want to see what’s going on, especially any blind spots. If there’s a break-in, the police can use the footage from your cameras to help identify suspects.

Outdoor cameras can also help you catch doorstep thieves who run off with your packages. A front door camera can let you know if someone has snagged your book delivery or your new pair of shoes.

lightify outdoor home lights smart security

2. Smart Outdoor Lighting

Motion sensors located within your outdoor cameras can trigger smart light bulbs. Because these cameras are now located in a number of places outside your home, any intruders contemplating a break-in will be bathed in light as soon as they trip the sensor.


contact sensor owl security smart home

3. Contact Sensors

Contact sensors were some of the earliest innovations in home security, and they’re still the bedrock of a complete system. Install on your windows, doors and garage. They’ll alert you if someone is trying to get in, allowing you to contact the police. How’s that for stopping would-be thieves in their tracks?


sticker decal door home security

4. Window Stickers

A simple decal can be extremely effective in preventing a break-in, according to a study by the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The study found that most convicted burglars tried to find out if a home had a security system before breaking in. Display the decals on your front windows, and they’ll help deter bad guys.



Revamping your outdoor security will help you turn your home into a fortress that protects your most valuable asset — your family.