A Smart Home For The Smart Renter

Why Rent?


Why do people rent their homes? Besides affordability, it’s also extremely convenient. Renting offers the flexibility of living in different geographic regions while also providing the freedom to end a relationship with your dwelling at any given time in your life, no strings attached. That’s why so many millennials refrain from diving into property ownership and rent for longer periods of time before moving into their first, or only, dream home.

Let’s also not forget the booming market for short-term vacation rentals by property owners. With sites like Homeaway and AirBnb gaining steady popularity, today’s transient housing market is thriving more than ever.

The rental market continues to show record growth, with most Americans moving into rental properties or vacationing in them between the months of May and September. No matter the size or location of temporary properties, it’s a great investment and now easier than ever to turn your rental home into a smart home that’s manageable, affordable, and brings both owners and tenants peace of mind.

With the Iris customizable smart home solution, streamline home management with the push of a button. We put power at renters’ fingertips by connecting Iris-compatible smart devices through a single smartphone app. Whether its safety and security, energy efficiency or remote automation, Iris helps simplify life for renters.

Here are a few ways Iris can help renters live a little easier: 


  • Home protection & security: With a smart home security system, keep tabs on your home or apartment when you’re not there. Receive alerts, turn on lights and set cameras to record when sensors are activated around your home.
  • Energy management & savings: Utility bills can certainly add up, especially in the summer and winter months. Do your part in managing expenses by controlling your climate and scheduling your smart thermostat to the ideal temperature when you’re home and when you’re away.
  • Easy installation: Most landlords restrict apartment modifications that tenants want to make. Luckily, most smart home devices don’t require hard wiring or behind-the-wall work; they’re easy to install – and uninstall when your lease is over.
  • Make your home your own: Personalize your pad by creating customized rules that suit you. Make your morning easier by scheduling lights to wake you up and brew your coffee so it’s ready when you want it. Or even keep the area around your cat’s litterbox smelling fresh with a sensor that triggers your ceiling fan or activates a scented plug-in when motion is detected. The solutions are endless with a DIY smart home system.


To learn more about how Iris can help you turn your rental property into an affordable smart home, visit our solutions page at irisbylowes.com/solutions.  Live (and rent) a little easier, with Iris!