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Let Loved Ones Age In Place

Caregiving Made Simple

With Care, available with the Iris Premium Plan, get notified when a loved one’s daily routine has been disrupted, so you can take the necessary measures to keep them safe and happy in their familiar environment. A triggered Care behavior creates a silent alarm, notifying the whole family of events that are out of the ordinary.

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Activity Monitoring

At a quick glance, see your loved one's daily activity or know if there was a disruption to their routine such as trouble sleeping at night, or accidentally leaving the front door open.

Available on the Iris Premium Plan

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Devices to Get Started

Care Pendant

Can be worn or held, once pressed the care pendant can send alerts if a loved one has fallen or experienced an impact injury.


Contact Sensors

Place on doors to see activity at odd hours.


Motion Sensors

Place outside the bedroom to ensure loved ones are getting out of bed each day.


Indoor Camera

Detect motion to keep an eye on visitors. Store video clips that capture atypical events, such as fainting or sleepwalking, that can later be reported to a physician.

Premium is needed to store video clips


Smart Button

Loved ones can use the Smart Button to trigger an alarm or send an alert for assistance.


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For only $9.99 a month, you can get the added peace of mind knowing loved ones are safe and secure in their home. To get Care, sign up for Iris' Premium plan.

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