GE ZigBee Plug-in Smart Dimmer Switch

Item # 805613 / Model # 45852GE

Transform your home into a smart home using the plug-in ZigBee Smart Dimmer from GE. The Smart Dimmer allows you to remotely turn on or off any table or floor lamp, while also controlling the lamp's brightness level, using your existing Zigbee hub device and does not require wiring. The ZigBee Smart Dimmer includes one controlled outlet and one always-on, standard outlet, and it's space-saving, horizontal design plugs into the top outlet of standard receptacles without blocking the second outlet. The Smart Dimmer can be used with any standard incandescent bulb as well as dimmable CFL and LED bulbs. Take control of your home lighting with GE ZigBee Wireless Lighting Controls!

  • GE ZigBee plug-in smart dimmer control allows you to dim lights in any room with your smartphone or computer using any ZigBee certified gateway
  • Works with Alexa for voice control without a hub when used with the Amazon Echo Plus. Just install and say “Alexa, discover my devices
  • Compatible hubs and home automation systems include IRIS by Lowe's, SmartThings™, Time Warner Cable, Wink, Rogers, Bright House and more
  • Switch works with incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, xenon, halogen and dimmable LED lighting up to 960 watts, and wireless control works with smartphones, tablets, computers and ZigBee remotes
  • Full-range dimming from 0-100% allows you to customize lighting output and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion
  • Schedule timed events on your device to dim lights at a recurring time or turn lights on/off when traveling for security
  • Multiple lights can be controlled with a single demand, so you can turn on or dim your network of switches at once
  • Manual push-button control allows you to control lighting on location
  • White, space-efficient design with side-plug keeps lower outlet accessible and does not obstruct furniture placement