Iris Security Pack

Item # 753205 / Model # 9403-L

Install do-it-yourself, wireless home security with the Iris security pack combined with Iris Smart Hub. Set up a home security system in under an hour with easy to set up and install devices and the powerful Iris app that connects them all. Receive alerts and monitor activity that happens around your house while you're not there. Schedule lights to turn on so it appears you are home when you are away. Arm your system and receive alerts on your smart phone wherever you are. The Iris Smart Hub is required to connect the devices to the Iris app. Premium service may be required for some features.

  • Increase protection at home for a fraction of the cost of traditional home security systems
  • Secure off-limit or valuable areas of your home
  • Receive immediate alerts if doors or windows open unexpectedly
  • Deter intruders by scheduling lights to turn on and off while away from home
  • Compatible with Iris smart home system
  • Manage and monitor your smart devices through Iris app on your smart phone
  • Iris requires broadband Internet, iOS 10.0+ on an iphone5 or later or Android 4.4+
  • Works with Google Assistant for voice control of your devices