LeakSmart Leak Detector

Item # 756922 / Model # 8830100L

Note: the leakSMART sensor will only work when paired with leakSMART, wink, or Iris systems. These systems are all sold separately. The leakSMART wireless and waterproof leak detection sensor pairs with any leakSMART system, helping to detect water leaks and temperature throughout your home. When paired with a leakSMART automatic water shut-off valve, the sensor sends a signal to your smart home system hub when a leak is detected and your home's water is shut off in less than 5 seconds -- before any water damage even starts.

  • The leakSMART® water leak detection sensor is both wireless and waterproof, allowing you to place this sensor virtually anywhere in your home near appliances, plumbing fixtures, water heater, and more
  • The leakSMART® water leak detection sensor is easy-to-install (accompanying the leakSMART® valve, sold separately) to help you detect, monitor, and control™ your home's main water supply and help to prevent devastating water damage in you
  • The leakSMART® sensor (when integrated with the Iris® system by Lowe's) will notify you when a leak is detected in your home also when paired with the leakSMART valve your home's main water supply will be shutoff all in less than 5 seconds
  • The leakSMART® sensor detects not only water, but also ambient temperature allowing you to set notifications and/or water shutoff at designated temperatures (ex-freezing)
  • Powered by3 AAA batteries (included) with an estimated 1-year battery life
  • Features audible and visual alarms when water leaks and/or set temperatures are reached
  • Integrated with Iris® and is also compatible with other zig bee home automation systems, the leakSMART® sensor is Zigbee HA 1.2 certified and FCC compliant