LeakSmart Water Shut-off Valve (1-in MIP x 1-in FIP)

Item # 608817 / Model # 8831000L

Professional installation recommended. Water damage prevention, by leakSMART, keeps you in constant control of your home's water supply. The system not only detects water leaks throughout your home, but it also shuts off the water and sends you an alert on your smart phone, no matter where you are — all in less than 5 seconds. The leakSMART home starter kit (with automatic water shut off valve and leak sensor) helps you to stop water damage before it even starts. The home starter kit includes the patented automatic water shut-off valve (in 3/4 In. size) and one (1) wireless and waterproof sensor. Additional sensors(water alarms) may be purchased separately. Additional valve sizes are also available. leakSMART monitoring pp is available for download through the Apple pp store on is and Google play store for android. The leakSMART leak detection system is ideal for preventing water damage in your basement and can be used under the sink, around your hot water tank, next to your washer or water line, or any other place where water leaks may occur. Professional installation is recommended. Kit does not come with leakSMART smart home hub, so must be paired with wink, Iris, or zig bee based system.

  • The leakSMART® valve is a patented, automatic water shut-off valve that allows you to control your home's main water supply
  • The leakSMART® valve, when paired with leakSMART sensors and paired with the Lowe's Iris® system or any other zig bee compatible platform, provides complete home water protection to help to prevent devastating water damage
  • When paired with Iris® or another compatible smart home system, the leakSMART® valve allows you to control your main water supply from a smart device anywhere, 24/7
  • When paired with leakSMART® sensors, the leakSMART valve will shut-off your home's main water supply when a leak is detected from any failing appliance, plumbing fixture, or leaking pipes
  • The leakSMART® valve is a 1 In. MIP x 1 In. MIP lead-free compliant, full-port, motorized brass water ball valve
  • Features easy-to-use and easy-to-read function buttons with LED status lights
  • Includes A/C power with 10 ft power cord and battery backup, AA batteries not included
  • Is compatible with Iris® by Lowe's and any zig bee smart home system, Zigbee HA 1.2 certified product
  • Professional installation is highly recommended and it installs on your home's main water supply