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Contest submissions for a FREE $20 Lowe’s Gift Card open from 4/15-5/15. Only one Gift Card per winning submission. Judging criteria is based off of Iris by Lowe’s marketing guidelines and is strictly limited to submissions fully representing the Iris by Lowe’s brand. Factors determining a winning story submission include several requirements pre-established by Iris by Lowe’s marketing guidelines. Contestants may be refused their entry into the lottery drawing if their story does not meet the minimum qualifications set by Iris by Lowe’s marketing guidelines. Iris by Lowe’s marketing guidelines set for customer testimonials include various pre-determined testimonial criteria including, but not limited to, story tone, theme and product descriptions representative of the Iris by Lowe’s brand. For full details on the use of testimonials by Iris by Lowes, please read the above disclaimer. Lowe’s employees and their families are not eligible to participate. USA submissions only.