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  • Security

    “My job requires me to be on call nights and weekends, which means I come and go at all hours. As a single mom, I have wanted a security system for a long time, but never felt comfortable with the cost and contracts. Since setting up the Iris system, I feel more secure knowing I can check on my home from anywhere, and will be notified if anything happens. I'm able to see my daughter get home safely from school, and can view the area around my house before driving home at night.” - Carina

  • Home & Family

    “Latoya and I have 4 children, are wedding photographers, and also run an online company out of our home that sells outdoor equipment. We spend a lot of time on the road. I love being able to see my home on the cameras, unlock the doors for people getting to the house when we're not there, and know when people come and go from the history log.” - Jacob H

  • Hubs & Kits

    “I’m a full time funeral director in my home town, so I'm often called out at various hours of the day and night to help a family that has had a death, however, when I would leave home I would often be concerned about the safety of my wife and baby girl. Nothing is more important to me than my family and their safety - thanks to Iris I have been able to monitor our home with NYCE Hinges, Iris Cameras, and Motion Sensors etc. We also are adding more products as we go along to make our house more of a home!” - Speedy


What I like about the Iris system is that it puts me in charge of my own security. The fact that we can just go to Lowe’s and pick up anything we need has really made all the difference!

- Jeff


There was never any doubt in my mind that when it came down to assisting my mom and her health condition that I would be there. Quality of life meant everything, Iris is smart enough to know when to notify us as a family and when to get emergency responders involved. For my family and me, that's real peace of mind.

- Eddie F

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  • Security

    “Being deployed is always stressful, especially for the family left back home. Iris allows me to focus on my mission and not worry about my family being safe at our home.”

    - Michael M

  • Home & Family

    “I use a contact sensor on the bin I keep the dog food. When the lid is opened my wife and I each get a text from "The dogs" thanking us for being fed. Cracks me up every time.”

    - Jon

  • Water

    “Iris has done a lot for me. The biggest thing for me is the freedom it gives me. I am in a wheelchair, reaching light switches has always been a problem for me. With Iris, it’s no longer a problem. I have smart plugs on some lights, and smart switches on others. Iris also makes it possible to lock my door when leaving. I have the deadbolt and handle. I also have a key fob with rules set to unlock the door when I arrive, and lock when I leave. Just last week Iris saved my living room from a disaster, my fish tank filter hose slipped and started pumping water onto the floor. Using a water leak sensor, I was notified instantly and was able to shut off the filter. If it wasn’t for Iris I would have had 110 gallons of water on my floor.”

  • Cameras

    “Iris has protected my kids!!! We had a questionable babysitter and wondered if she was really taking care of our children. We set up an Iris camera and found when we left she was sending them to their room, giving her kid our kids computer, and she was not feeding them. They would come down and ask for drinks and say they were hungry and she would say "in a bit I’m busy right now" and send them back to their room. She would bring them to the living room right before we were due home. Camera reveled her working on her computer the entire time she was here and she also stole petty stuff randomly a lot. Needless to say we finally let her go because Iris was able to prove to us that she was not fit to take care of outlets children.”

  • Care

    “Iris is a fantastic and lifesaving system. I’ve installed Iris in my elderly Fathers home, whom lives many miles away from my family. Having put contact and motion sensors in his home, along with the use of care rules, we’ve been able to prevent many and recover from one serious accident. We placed a contact sensor on his medicine cabinet, setting up a care rule for an alert if the cabinet was opened too many times in a single day, which in turn allowed us to prevent him from overdosing due to him having forgotten that he already had taken his dose for the day.”

  • Lights & Switches

    “I had been looking at the display at Lowes. Not only Iris but the other brands. IRIS is usually more affordable. I have had 4 Major back surgeries, reaching over to turn off or turn on my Night Stand Lamps, well sometimes my balance is off due to nerve damage. So, hitting the floor is never a GOOD thing. Now I don’t have to reach over I just use my Smart Plug and turn on and off the lights via my phone. I am already making a lay out plan for key lights such as my Hall way lights and Family and Living Rooms and looking at outdoor lighting with Cameras. This system is SO EASY to set up. If I can do it, Anybody can. ITS A GREAT thing, especially if you have mobility issues, no more falling down stairs because I could not get to the Light switch.”


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